Bumper Stickers

Make Lindy Not War

I've decided to experiment with creating some bumper stickers. The results of my first experiment: a smallish black sticker with big white type that says "MAKE LINDY NOT WAR" (and, in tiny letters, "swinglovers.com").


Want one? Find me at a dance and hand me a buck. Or you can pay me via PayPal (using the email address "paypalATSYMBOLHEREszarka.net", suitably munged) and I'll pick up the postage and tax if you live in the US. Send me $1 each or $5 for 10 stickers. (Don't forget to fill in your mailing address, especially if it's not the same as in your PayPal profile.)

BTW, chances are good that I'd be willing to trade some stickers for your nifty Swing-related stickers, shirts, buttons, or the like. If you've ever hosted me at an exchange, then just email me and ask for one.

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